Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blah blah blah...

Now, I imagine, is as good a time as any to start blogging. I am planning to blog about Fashion as I am currently studying a BA hons is Fashion Design, yet here I am, sat on my sofa with the tv on and snuggled up in my big, fluffy dressing gown (which i realise is not the height of fashion.) I could, of course, try to come up with some waffle about making a statement and yardy ya, but no - I'm just being lazy and I'm comfortabe so yeah! That told you! ;)
  Anywhom, I'm currently making a toile for my Deconstruction project (and by currently I don't mean right now, right this second. Basically, (and I'll try to keep it short!) I have deconstructed and disected the concepts around Mascuine and Feminie for my deconstruction project. This has involved taking apart what societys ideas around these subjects include, and using these elements to ispire a design/designs for a garment. The garment I am hoping to create is a womens fitted jacket, originally taken from the idea of a menswear jacket being made suitable for womenswear through the use of lattice smocking. Exciting, stressful stuff! Of course, it would be slightly less stressful if my sewing machine hadn't eaten it's needle :/ (dont even ask me how because i genuinely don't know!) Might also help if I had a brain too, as my last toile I completely forgot to include seam allowance, leaving me with completely titchy sleeves... Hoorah for my lovely chum, Hollie, and her little arms!
  Today I have the exciting task of buying more needles for my wee sewing machine, as it appears it doesnt work so well without them, and looking for fabric samples. Of course, it helps that I know which fabric I'm using, but my original samples are floating around in a box in my study somewhere (or so I would presume.) In short, they are long gone, so new ones are in order, otherwise my tutor and technicians might actually kick my butt tomorrow! (Should probably explain, I have a toile critique tomorrow and fabric samples are necessary. Having missed the critique on Tuesday, because I was sick - Boooooooo, I need to make up for it tomorrow so having all the bits required would probably help!)
  None the less, thank you to anyone who has read my blog this far! You must be bored, or possibly you're my wonderful grandparents. Either way, the kettle calls, but hopefully I'll remember to blog again. I'm sure you will all be very miserable without my simple words to entertain you! Hahaaaa. Bub-bye x


  1. Well I'm not your grandparents but I did read it all with interest!!! It all sound rather creative and fun to me ;) but then I don't have to worry about a critique !! Please keep it up as I'm so nosey that I love to see what others are upto lol
    Don't forget to include pictures as well...talking of which do you remember doing a sketch of my son Ethan many years ago? Well I told you I'd keep it so that when you were famous I'd be able to say I've got an original well I still have it sooo it looks like I was right your on the road to big things!
    Have fun
    Cary x ( ask your mum if you don't remember me!!!)

  2. Of coure I remember who you are! Will have to give mum a kick up the bum and we'll have to come meet you for a cuppa! xxx

  3. Who's going to kick me up the bum? I dare you.........! Well, Kim, you wanted another day out - perhaps we'll have to go and bother Cary (aka Stan) xxxx

  4. Any time Olly and Kimikitty!!! xx